3D Rap, a story about creativity, curiosity, innovation, and shared passion.

Because the truth is that every long lasting relationship relies on being passionate about the same things. And this is the core of this story.

Six guys: four engineering students, a designer, and a web developer. They all come from Campania, living close to each other, and they all share the same passion for design and the same enthusiastic ardor towards innovation. Their names are Domenico, Antonio, Beniamino, Davide, Giovanni and Adriano, and this could easily be one of those stories deep rooted in a childhood spent disassembling the same toys, but it is not. As it is often the case, the most meaningful encounters in life are not just experienced: they are chosen.

And so Antonio and Beniamino have chosen to work together for the same medical lab, where they deal with 3D design. Due to a series of lucky events, they meet Domenico, who runs a blog, 3DLab, and had just documented the process of building his first DIY 3D-printer. The first printed object: a little Tardis.  They slowly start to get close to each other, exchanging short messages which, little by little, become a conversation. The exchange turns into a collaboration, and a business starts. 3DRap is born on May 27, 2016, and with it a common work path begins. Davide, Adriano, and Giovanni join along the way.

3DRap is much more than a 3D prototyping and engineering company; 3DRap is a team of brains working in tandem, exchanging ideas and sharing tasks, in the creative hive that is their lab.


Everything started with Arduino; the discovery of this tool has unlocked a world of potential to all the geeks and makers out there. In all the history of Made in Italy technology and innovation, design has always been part of the picture, and this story is no exception.

Add to that the unstoppable vibe of the open-source universe, the universe that jazzed up the lives of all the visionaries, experimenters, and curious Internet users, who have finally emerged from the isolation of their own rooms / garages / basements, to become a wonderfully vibrant community. This combo enabled 3DRap to create their own 3D-printers, thereby defining what would then become one of the company’s mainstays: self-production.

Also, open source teams up with up-cycling, both out of choice and necessity, kick-starting a scavenger hunt for pieces, like old DVD players, 2D-printers, computers now considered archeology, and so forth. There is a whole world of makers out there that sees the potential in a pile of mechanical / electronic garbage.

In addition, there is care for the environment; in fact 3DRap works using totally eco-sustainable materials, such as PLA, which is a resulting material from agro-food waste, completely biodegradable and compostable.


After months of development and almost 2 years of experience in the field of prototyping and engineering, 3DRap presents “Create”: a simple, flexible and immediate platform whose sole purpose is to materialize your idea in 3D.

Create is the result of the know-how acquired during the design, analysis and production of objects for applications in various sectors. An automated app, able to take a first step towards the digitalization of production processes.

The cleanness and simplicity of the graphical interface, together with the flexibility and ability to reconfigure the production line (typical of 3D printers) make this service an ideal tool for anyone who wants to make small series of products having a wide range of materials available , technical and aesthetic characteristics.

The estimate is obtainable in a totally free and immediate way. It will be enough, with a simple gesture, to load the 3D file inside the field provided and select the various options. In a few seconds it will be possible to get an idea of ​​the costs when the number of copies desired is changed.

The application can also be used on smartphones and tablets thanks to the responsive and self-adaptive interface.

Once the request has been submitted, our team will carry out a feasibility check and send a confirmation of the quotation no later than 24 hours from the completion of the online form.

In the section “do you miss the 3D model?” Will remain the possibility to contact us for anyone who did not yet have the 3D file and wanted to make it from a simple draft on paper. Just as our slogan reads: “imagine, design, create”

Create represents our vision of industry 4.0 and we are convinced that it can be an excellent way to bring new realities to the world of 3D printing, accompanying them throughout the product development cycle, allowing the reduction of costs and time of realization.

Try Create> http://create.3drap.it/landing-launch/ <

Sim Racing

3Drap, since its inception, has identified a sector that has proved immediately very compatible with the model of company that had been foreshadowed. Sim Racing.

Taking advantage of the decennial know-how of some of the founders, it was almost natural to understand what were the requests and failures of a market that, in 2017, generated a turnover of hundreds of billions of euro and promises a 10% growth ‘year.

Simracing is one of the many e-Sports that is becoming popular online. It consists of a real simulation of car racing and the simulators are advanced mathematical models of a simulated that tries to get as close as possible to reality.

Thanks to the reconfigurability of the production line, typical of 3D printers, our team has been able in a short time to develop over 50 peripherals, modifications and accessories that are now shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

The continuous request and visibility in this sector, with sponsorship and live coverage on the youtube of competitions, has allowed us to become one of the reference companies for simdrivers all over the world.

Furthermore, thanks to the Città della Scienza incubator, we have started a collaboration with Megaride.

MegaRide is an academic spin-off of the University Federico II of Naples, awarded by Shark Bites, to the National Innovation Award, the title of innovative startup of the year. The core activity of the company involves the supply of software developed in order to predict and simulate the behavior of the tires, useful for evaluating their performance, allowing the customer to define the setup and the race strategies in view of the events such as , those of the MotoGP championship.

The goal will be to be able to transfer this know-how, acquired during the real races, in the virtual one giving a further boost to what will be the next developments of the sim racing sector.

Find out more: https://www.3drap.it/simracing/


If we had to summarize the whole team story in one word, that would be “Poly”. The origins of this tiny 3D-printer date back to the baby steps taken by 3DRap in the vast and shining territory of industry fairs. The team, at its first public appearances, was immediately confronted with a doubt: how could they create an immediate bond of trust with visitors and potential customers, and give them the impression of being fully capable of moving into the 3D printing world, despite their young age?

And so came the idea of ​​bringing a 3D-printer prototype with them, which was also perfectly working, so that the whole process could be shown, and not just talked about. “Show, do not tell,” is the basic rule of every story, and so the 3DRap narrative took the shape of the “Littlemaker,” suitable for a desk printer driven with the micro-stepper motor of an old DVD player.

The reception was surprisingly enthusiastic. There was no such small 3D-printer at the 2016 Technology Hub, and all visitors stopped, returned, wondered, and wanted to watch the wonder of this little tool.

This was the exact moment when the intrinsic potential of this small printer became blatant: the ability to arrive on home desks, school tables, counters, in designers, artisans, and artists studios, or simply closed in the hand luggage of an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Poly is a 3D-printer whose structure is entirely printed in 3D. It is a multitool printer that uses a firmware and open source software, made entirely of PLA, a totally ecological and compostable material. We have already mentioned that it is powered by a DVD player motor, and here we are with the three keywords of 3DRap’s philosophy: open-source, eco-friendly, and up-cycling. Poly has an extruder nozzle, a laser engraving kit, and a chocolate extruding kit, and all of them can be quickly alternated by a magnetic mechanism. It has a printing area of ​​6cmx6cmx6cm and it can create, in addition to countless plastic objects (in PLA, ABS, and more), designs and chocolate shapes.

Poly is for everyone, it fits everyone, and it is within just everyone’s reach. It is a wonderful and educational toy for curious children, a magic tool for home cooks and foodies, and a precious ally for designers, artisans, and anyone who needs to prototype their ideas. From professional to educational, from didactic to recreational, from home cooking to crafts at large, Poly is a jewel destined for everyone who decides to believe in it.

Find out more: https://www.poly3dp.com